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Barnier Building Systems, Inc. is a turn-key commercial, industrial, institutional Design/Build general contractor serving the Houston metroplex area.
Barnier Building Systems, Inc. has the vital experience needed to be your single point of contact in a Design/Build project. 
We are directly involved in voicing your requirements with the engineering and architectural team managing the design, procurement, construction, and occupancy phases. These collaborative efforts make for an efficient team working to exceed your project expectations.

Our Design/Build proficiency allows for fast-tracking projects, thereby shortening schedules and lowering costs for you, our valued client.

Our services

Barnier Building Systems has created a team of professionals dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service, products, and fair prices.


Barnier Building Systems provides a smooth conventional construction delivery model with a single point of contact, accountability, and access to our preferred partners. As our client, you’ll work with a genuine Design/Build General Contractor.


Diligence in planning, listening, and innovating. Our goal is to synchronize with your vision to bring an optimal level of value to your business. We ensure that we are adaptable to market and client-based needs, whether you need a manufacturing facility, shopping center, or a flex build. Our objective is to be accessible to those with or without experience.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Modern steel buildings include an array of design options and amenities that make them the perfect fit for many industries, and they are more energy-efficient than ever. Steel buildings are versatile, making them attractive for a variety of applications. Today’s steel buildings are a smart way to create protected space at a budget-friendly cost per square foot.


We look at every individual project’s needs and requirements and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our techniques safely and efficiently modernize and streamline your building, all while we keep a close eye on schedule and procurements to keep costs down and your business downtime at a minimum.


Utilities must be installed correctly to function properly. Flow for drainage and sewer will cause issues for the facility’s lifespan if not sloped continuously and at the correct angle. The remaining utilities also need to be in the right locations, the right way, for functionality and longevity. Thankfully, we have over 180 years of experience to draw on to install them.


We are a full-service partner to your facility management team. We only work with qualified and experienced specialty personnel who speak the language, understand the challenges, and work with you, our client, to develop practical solutions that offer the highest degree of integration.


Why choose Barnier building

Ease Of Doing Business

Our philosophy is: Perform the heavy lifting, Listen to our clients. This allows your input at key milestones and reduces stress overall during the construction process


We provide a deep, diverse experience across many building types and technologies with fully integrated project design and implementation expertise.

Extensive Experience

Since 1982, we have leveraged the design-build approach with a collaborative teaming environment that fulfills multiple parallel objectives, such as aesthetics, functionality, budget, and schedule management.


Our innovative one-team, one-process approach increases efficiency and saves you time and money thanks to our streamlined system. Resulting in the comfort of knowing you’ll be listened to, quoted a fair price, the bills will be paid. The value of your vision will be realized.


Have a question? Ask away! Educating our clients and future clients helps to build the bonds of trust necessary for a lasting and prosperous relationship. And we live by, “If I don’t know, I’ll find out.”

Cost vs Price

With so many options available in today’s world, we seek out solutions to serve individual needs, not just “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

“No matter the contract format, Barnier Building Systems, Inc. will leverage our financial strength and exceptional management practices to serve you best.”

Barnier Building Systems


Mentions & Testimonials

"Just got done completing a year long project with mark and his team. Fantastic individuals who know what they are doing. Jeff, the project manager is always on top of his stuff. He did a great job keeping everything organized and made sure all subs were on schedule. Mark is very hands on which makes the project run a lot smoother and on time. Overall amazing experience."
Tamoor Jalili
Top Soap
"We know the specifications we had decided upon made your work much more difficult than would be the normal case, but you each handled the renovation with good suggestions, ideas and workmanship. Thanks Jeff!"
Charlie Summerton
Chase Bank
"Throughout the course of construction, many details were subjected to the usual litany of last minute changes. The patience, professionalism, speed and skill with which these items were handled by Mark's team was nothing short of amazing."
medical plaza review image
Betty Plummer
McKay Medical Plaza
"We would like to extend our sincere thanks for a job well done to every person at Barnier Building who had a hand in this project. We are very pleased with the final product and look forward to working with your professional team again in the future."
presidential car-wash review image
Carlton & Cindy Campbell
White Walls Express Car Wash

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